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Ahh my live RV interview feed dropped!

Can't seem to get the sound back on but it sounded like there were some questions on how one would play this concept. I am rather intrigued but very ignorant to the specifics and how to look into getting exposure. Please let me know if anyone has some additional thoughts or insight  =)

There was another post on RVE talking about the Dragon which I have also been interested in after reading Cole's paper. I went looking around to understand the long vol slice and stumbled on some videos that Patrick Ceresna did with George Gammon on youtube specifically about constructing the dragon. The two videos were about the commodities trend following and long vol. If you sign up for a free trial at big picture trading Patrick has a 2+ hour long video of him building a dragon portfolio step by step on his (I believe) brokerage account. I've been wanting to check out Big Picture Trading for a while as a fan of Macro Voices and this was finally my excuse for jumping in. 

Commodities trend following:

Long Vol:
Moritz HeidenExpert: Quant Finance
Head of Quant Research MunichRe Investment Partners and one of the @twoquants

Real Vision Exchange Survey Week 15/2021: Results

Welcome to the weekly results of the Real Vision Exchange Macro survey. You might wonder, why "Macro survey"? Well, on the weekend I launched a separate survey, the Real Vision Crypto Survey. You can find additional information here. If you like it, please participate. I already got a lot of suggestions for additional coins to include and will screen these over the next few days. The tracking portfolio will start today.

With all the surveys, the website will get an update soon to make it easier to find surveys/outputs.

So, what happened in the macro survey last week?

Last week's performance summary

Initially strong performance by Equities and Gold. Bitcoin performance was negative until the middle of the week. The recovery only came on the weekend. Commodities could make back some of its initial losses on Wednesday. Long VIX also cost some money. Overall weekly performance was slightly negative until Friday, then the portfolio bounced back due to Bitcoin.

Survey results


1. Market View and Sentiment

Bullish US equities. Europe and EM are mixed. Negative sentiment for Gold and the Dollar. Commodities bullishness increased.

US Equity sentiment is at its highest point since we started the survey. In contrast to the interviews, where it's approaching a new low.

2. Positioning

Interestingly, bullishness in US equities is not aligned with positioning. We have seen this in the past, positioning changes much slower than sentiment. Compared to last week, we see a slightly... (More)

Put everything you are doing on pause and listen to Raoul’s daily briefing from yesterday April 9. A lot of things crystallizes in your mind.