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The Real Vision Team's Video Picks of the Week!


This week's Commodities Exchange video of the week is from the Plus Tier and is an interview I conducted with Mish Schneider. Mish is a technical analyst with decades of experience as a floor trader in the commodity pits. For most of 2020 she has been making the case for stagflation and rising agricultural commodity prices and she has nailed it thus far. In this interview she updates her outlooks for ag commodities and many other asset classes. She specifically lists the commodities she is long in the futures market but also gives an ETF play ($DBA) with key risk levels and price targets. Mish is always one of my favorite guests to interview because she brings actionable ideas, and is also just a wonderful person. She has even taken to calling me her muse as the ideas she brings out in our interviews have worked out so well. She is extremely helpful on Twitter and if you have any questions I'm sure she'd be happy to answer. Her handle is @marketminute. You can find my full interview with Mish and her chart deck here:



RE as a theme should do very well in the next decade.  I've learned that typically the bigger players get the money first, then money starts to move down the food chain.  The big players are easy to invest in using REMX.  However, given the US/China trade backdrop, it is likely that whoever takes the reins next in the U.S. will not be able to go back to business as usual.  There are bills and orders that have been recently passed forcing the US government to procure REs from domestic sources.  There is really only one domestic source of REs and that is in California with a company called Mountain Pass.  FVAC is the special acquisition headed up by Fortress if you want to take advantage pre-ticker change.  It will start trading as MP soon.