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Exodus IPO

Does anyone else use the Exodus wallet and know anything about the IPO they have advertised? There is limited information available that I can see, as it is just an expression of interest at this stage.... 

If USDT fails or is taken down by authorities, what will be the impact on BTC?

I recently came across this article on the potential demise of USDT and its potential impacts on BTC.

If the anonymous author is correct a failure in Tether could have significant impacts on the price of BTC. For  those who don't know Tether is a stable coin that 'claims' that it is backed by a traditional fiat currency. However, a lot of speculation is circulating around as to whether or not the company that runs Tether actually backs the coin with traditional fiat. See this recent article suggesting that the the traditional fiat currency backing is in fact not happening. 

Crypto Crime Cartel: The end is nigh for Tether - CoinGeek

The issue is that a substantial amount of daily BTC flow is coming from Tether. See chart below from Bitcoin, Altcoin Aggregated Volume and Cryptocurrencies Flow chart (

If Tether were to fail, this could set-off a chain reaction. I have evaluated arguments suggesting this creates a BTC liquidity crisis and that it could potentially create a price spike in BTC.

The question I have is what would the likely outcome be?

I have thought through various scenarios. I am interested in others opinions and insights on the matter. 


Liquidity question

Curious question about bitcoin liquidity.

  1. Both on-chain and off-chain networks have throughput limitations.
  2. Has there been any analysis of those limitations and the effects on liquidity?
  3. For example, have LN channels been stress tested?

So basically, is there a point where the system breaks (in pieces or as a whole) where it can't handle the load.   

Crypto Tax Question

I'm wondering if anyone knows the tax rules on the following scenario:

I have the following two seperate Crypto accounts:

Account A: I hold a large position of Bitcoin in cold storage that I keep dollar cost averaging into each month with fiat and HODL and don't plan on selling. 

Account B: I actively day-trade a smaller position in BTC with shitcoins to increase my BTC amount. 

Does the "first in, first out" tax rule apply to the holdings in Account A as I am actively trading in Account B? 

Essentially, I want to know which outcome applies:

A) Account A can grow annually tax free (as long as I don't sell) and then I only pay capital gains each year in the active trading Account B. 

B) Or would each purchase and sell in Account B some how get tied to Account A for tax purposes?

FYI I'm in Canada but I'd be happy to hear US rules as well.