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Crypto Mining
Crypto Mining
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merged mining?

So if my understanding is correct if you are mining Litecoin you can also mine doge coin at the same time could this be a long-term win-win for Litecoin and or dogecoin 

I was unaware of merged mining until recently and did a little reading on it I would like to know more about it sounds interesting 

I'm curious to know the hive minds take on it as I'm not that read into it just trying to game some things out in my head 


Has anyone purchased hashrate before? I don’t fully understand it. Can we get someone from nicehash to explain it. I want to invest in profits of mining without having the hardware present.

ADA minding NFTs???

How's this possible to mine an NFT I thought it was more create a smart contract for an NFT but the $5 price target is nice 

I can vouch for the speed of the blockchain It usually takes me 20 seconds to send and/or receive ADA