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Crypto Mining
Crypto Mining
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Bitcoin new ATH USD 53k plus change

has anyone heard of $EBON some Chinese blockchain technology, manufactures mining machines.

Critisim of BTC and crypto

I am definitely not a crypto guy and know almost nothing about crypto or Defi. But I am optimistic about the democratization and decentralization of finance and will be a part of it. 

As I start to learn about the topic, I want to pay extra attention to the critics of the space because of my own (positive) biases of crypto. 

Here is one of the most respected and well-known economists and famous critic of Bitcoin - Nouriel Roubini. He has summarized his skepticism in his piece on FT:

Can anyone please refer to a counter-argument piece (article) with the same level of simplicity and comprehensiveness at the same time, thanks