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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Japan & US Global Macro Markets

Watch the trailer for The Discourse debut later today (feat. Sam Colt)

Preview for The Exchange’s weekly show The Discourse - debut episode later today featuring ExChangemaker @Sam Colt !!

Sam & Weston dive into The Exchange, explore why quality engagement is key, and reveal best practices & tips for maximizing value extraction. 

Series Premiere from inside the hive! Watch the trailer below ↓

To understand how it works and what it is I would recommend 99bitcoins, don't sign up on their website just go to youtube and watch the videos from their course

RV really gives a great broad picture of what Bitcoin and Crypto will mean to the financial sector. I think his "New Bretton Woods" video is the best summary of this.


ETH 2.0 Report

ETH 2.0: The Next Evolution of the Cryptoeconomy

An in-depth look at Ethereum’s most critical network upgrade to date

Genesis block live