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Bitcoin is not the foundation of a new money system.

IMHO, Bitcoin is the replacement for silver coins (and probably gold coins) as the people's money.  

It is part of a parallel "commodity" money system to nation states fiat money systems.

dollar --> SDR --> Gold (nation state money stack)  (Gold will be remonetized "loosely" SDR standard loosely tethered to gold...don't ask me to define soon.)

dollar --> Bitcoin --> Gold Bars (people's money stack)

Silver might become too valuable in the new energy stack to be used as the people's money much longer. 


Sorry, going to spoil the party. And I HODL BTC. This whole narrative about “new money system” needs to stop. It doesn’t help the growth of adoption of BTC. It’s a toxic ideology that is actually putting people off and is devoid of any reality. Fiat monetary systems will not be displaced by BTC. BTC is a digital asset form that shall sit alongside other asset choices. Stop this nonsense.

Tuesday 1/26/2021

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Weekly Update - 25th January 2021

Hi everyone, just a weekly update on global assets and potential pitfalls to watch out for this week. Got it out slightly late as it's my first time doing this. 

I would love to hear any differing views. Thanks