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Ahh my live RV interview feed dropped!

Can't seem to get the sound back on but it sounded like there were some questions on how one would play this concept. I am rather intrigued but very ignorant to the specifics and how to look into getting exposure. Please let me know if anyone has some additional thoughts or insight  =)

Professor Richard Werner Interviews

There are a lot of outstanding videos at RV and there is not always time to watch them all. Still there is a lot outside RV walls and his one is fundamental. It is an interview from Danielle DiMartino Booth to with Professor Richard Werner, the author of the Princess of the yen. May Last year Richard Werner also gave a great interview to Hugh Hendry that can be found in Real Vision.


How Banks Work & Dictate the Economy — DiMartino Booth — Down the Middle with Richard Werner


More Power to The Princes - Hugh Hendry with Professor Richard Werner


Put everything you are doing on pause and listen to Raoul’s daily briefing from yesterday April 9. A lot of things crystallizes in your mind.

Global Crypto Flows

You guys gotta watch this video on the global flows of crypto:

These guys have a Twitter and medium, follow their stuff! Good resource!

#followflows #capitalflows #globalmacro

Watcha think @Weston Nakamura ? ;) Do you even flow bro?