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Cyber Security
Cyber Security
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Everything You'd Ever Need to Know About Crypto Banking Regulation
Everything You'd Ever Need to Know About Crypto Banking Regulation
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Exchanging Lanes: Debut Episode

This has the potential to be the greatest experiment to test the superiority of the Exchange against everyone/thing else. I truly believe that a truck driver and a D student can self-generate a better grasp of the real economy than so called economists, market participants, academics, policy makers and anyone else - precisely because we are taking a highly unconventional (and highly rational) approach. But we need your help - so if you have anything (really- anything) to contribute, please do so and build upon this. 

In this debut video, we take a real world look at US labor &  inflation via:

‚ÄĘCommodities, specifically nat gas fracking ‚Äúquietly‚ÄĚ underway, while crude at $70 and GS & JPM calling for $80 due to OPEC+, Biden green agenda, reopen demand.

‚ÄĘKeystone XL (not so dead?)

‚ÄĘNew and used car shipments & inventory (used cars accounted for nearly ‚Öď of today‚Äôs May‚Äô21 CPI surge, and drove April ‚Äė21 spike as well)

‚ÄĘLumber, housing market / home builders bottleneck

‚ÄĘWage inflation, and the non-wage-related factors holding back workforce participation¬†

‚ÄĘContainer Shipping

‚ÄĘCybersecurity Attacks

‚ÄĘ RVs & Winnebago stock

@Bradley Snyder = real world cross regional dot connector 

@Weston Nakamura = financial markets cross asset dot connector 

The Exchange = both of the above x infinity 

RV Exchange: Requests for Input: Coinbase Executives & Blockchain Security.

To start, I am pro ‚Äúdigital assets‚ÄĚ and run a Crypto fund In Canada. My background is former Fidelity/Devonshire and military.

This explains my values and aim: to bring KEY issues to this exchange for debate and actions via key influencers. .

1. Security:

We recently decided to move BTC and ETH holdings from our institutional hard wallet after alot of research, we chose a specific exchange with the attributes of security, insurance and then yield package within their community, Tonight one of our researchers found this disturbing post that requires cross-verification (in an era of dis/mis information) and a solution. We requesting RV to address: ‚ÄĚblockchain security flaw‚ÄĚ via known known RV guest experts.


2. Executive Values/ Ethics:

We were also displeased to learn that virtually the entire senior management of Coinbase sold off there BTC holdings, right after their firm went public. The timing of this is more than an ethical stink, this type of behaviour deserves an SEC investigation, as it may/could attributed to a overvaluation of their IPO / stock and the sell off, as well as part of BTC Sunday decline. Don‚Äôt get me wrong, we bought more as long term hodlers/holders. This type of behaviour does not belong in ‚Äúdigital assets‚ÄĚ where a large community can punitively address them.

Restating the Aim:

1. we appreciate RV for an relative unspoKen, not carring forward the smelly practices known to those who worked in traditional financial industry And thus the Coinbase story stinks the... (More)