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Real Vision Daily Briefing: Get Your Questions In For Tommy Thornton & Ash

@Tommy Thornton, president at Hedge Fund Telemetry, joins the Daily Briefing with @Ash Bennington  to discuss happenings in the market. What are you questions for the duo today? 

RVDB Jack, Ash & Darius Dale of 42 Macro! Any Questions For The Trio?


Darius Dale, founder of 42 Macro, sits down with Real Vision’s @Ash Bennington  and @Jack Farley  on the Daily Briefing to discuss Bitcoin’s rebound, Chinese regulatory concerns, and deflationary signals on Dale’s radar. Dale explains potential tailwinds for Bitcoin’s recent strength despite the increase in China’s regulation of technology and educational companies. Before the briefing concludes, Ash and Jack will preview an interview with Cathie Wood conducted by Kiril Sokoloff, which you can watch right here:

Do you have any questions for the trio? 

Raoul & Julian Special Friday Daily Briefing! Questions?

Join Ash, Raoul and Julian are they discuss all things in global macro, specifically the rising equity markets and Raoul's expectation of additional stimulus. In this special episode, the guests do a deeper dive into various market happenings.

Do you have any questions for the duo to discuss? Please let us know in the replies below! 

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

The Exchange Week Ahead: July 12 - 16

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This Week on Real Vision:

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Headlines (that I’m watching):

•🇹🇼As if the semis shortage isn’t bad enough, Taiwan’s TSMC (world’s beating heart of semiconductor production) now under threat of potential COVID breakout.

•🇯🇵BOJ to consider buying “green bonds” alongside other Asia central banks, according to BOJ’s foreign media lap dog Reuters. See my assessment of BOJ’s climate change MMT - this is what happens when you run out of JGBs and ETF to buy. New fund to be unveiled at this week’s BOJ policy meeting. See my note from June BOJ Thoughts on potential Climate Change Fund

•🇨🇳PBOC’s -50bp RRR cut to all lenders in effect today, effectively injecting CNY 1 trillion into economy. Asia traders on the fence - is China easing risk positive, or do they see trouble ahead? My take- absolutely the latter: The recent crackdown on crypto and commodity speculation - this is (for once) a sincere effort to reign in excess froth ahead of potential storm clouds- and less to do with actually caring about BTC in China or even high raw material costs given currency strength. I also think China’s regulatory tech clamp spree is an interrelated crossover matter- China does indeed want to reclaim power and control back from tech industry, but is also taking preventative measures - they don’t... (More)