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Revisiting the inflation vs deflation debate

For those interested in the longer-term inflation versus deflation debate, I have laid out the case for both inflation and deflation going forward.

The case for inflation:

Inflation: Catalysts & Consequences — Acheron Insights

The case for deflation:

The Case For Deflation — Acheron Insights

Very much interested to hear everyone's take on the the likelihood for sustained inflation or whether we see deflation once again take hold over the coming years. 

Wissam Ali
High Performance Computing Systems Engineer

Prices where is the inflation?!

Prices changes in select US consumer goods and services in last 20 years. The goods and services with government and central bank involvement, health, education, housing, financial assets, have inflated significantly, while goods and services via the free market have deflated. Governments distort supply and demand via their actions.

Geopolitical/Fiscal Policy Analysis Video

John Fadool said he would a video with me before he goes off to boot camp. I really appreciated it because I have had a lot of questions about financial history and how the current infrastructure bill is playing out. 

There is a pretty big divide between the financial industry and politics. John bridges that divide. We went through the 100-year charts of interest rates, GDP, fiscal spending, and a lot more. 

One major takeaways= infrastructure bill = very low probability of making it through at this point. This has pretty big trading implications if you are monitoring the market. 

I have attached a word doc with links to all the charts we looked at. 

I realize the video is a little long so here is the breakdown: The first half of the video we break down the financial history of every single decade since 1920. The second half of the video we focus on the current fiscal landscape and the risks that await us. Most people are not talking about the shifts that are taking place with Boomers, Millenials and how they impact the job market/stock market.