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Episode 6: America in the 2020s - Getting a Taste of the Crunch

In the sixth episode of the Geopolitics Podcast, I delve into what we should expect in the United States through the 2020s. I explore the political, economic, and demographic phenomena, what is likely to cause them and what to expect. Some of those include the realignment of the Republican and Democratic Party's, reforming Social Security and Medicare, and multigenerational houses. 

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Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

Global public pensions report 2020 from the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMIF)

RV has made really good videos that talked about all the different issues pensions face. 

But in case you wanted extra readings here is this Global pension report you can look into, it is made by insiders and lets you peek at how they see the world. 
There is something in it for everyone, PE, Governance, return assumptions, portfolio construction and also Demographics


Do you outperform your pension fund? 
Do you outperform your pension fund? 
. Canada Loves PE too
. Canada Loves PE too

At the end, there is also a nice overview of the top 100 public pensions. 


Baby Boomer businesses evaporating

Further to the framework that @Raoul Pal lays out regarding demographics and the baby boomers, it appears that a material number of small businesses in the US are owned by BBs and these are being hit for six by COVID and lockdowns. Never to recover. Invested capital evaporating into thin air.


The $68 trillion transfer of wealth in America is evaporating amid crisis

Geopolitics Today: Weekender Issue

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today's issue was delayed to the afternoon as the news cycle has been prolonged, so there will be only a few stories today of importance. However, I do have two announcements. First, I will be laying out my outline for my Turkish publication, which will be coming out on Monday and will be below.

Second I will be starting a weekend exclusive publication called "Geopolitical Trades." This new publication will be taking the biggest stories from the week and laying out the case for short term or long term investments with some company suggestions that could get exposure to these regions. As always, I look forward to questions and a rigorous debate in my messages or the comments below.

Outline of "Turkey: The Resurgent Superpower":

  • Geography: Its position on the Anatolian peninsula is strategic and controls access to the Black Sea and a strong navy, the Suez Canal. As global shipping crumbles from a lack of US guarantees, Turkey's historical position between Asia and Europe returns to its historical importance.
  • Military Might: Turkey has the most competent military in Europe and the Middle East. Despite the culling of the militaries' upper ranks conducted by Erdogan after the 2016 coup attempt making it subservient to civilian leadership, it retains enough talent and plenty of equipment to deal with any threat from its immediate neighbors.
  • Economy, Resources & Demography:
    • Turkey has a stable and fairly young population, which is great for consumption-led growth and a future capital generating and... (More)