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Wissam Ali
High Performance Computing Systems Engineer

Luke Gromen: What is the bond market telling us?, USD “Milkshake”, gold NSFR changes, BTC thought

Tomorrow's inflation print will probably have a significant impact on the gold price.

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

What Chairman Ahearn said.

But also- you’re looking at generic front month contracts (which you shouldn’t really do for ED futures, you wanna look at the curve and look out further like ZQ Fed funds futures). June contracts expire I think next week. Libor is sitting at like 0.13% so those contracts need to close up ang gap before expiry.

And also just eyeballing but looks like the rally youre pointing to is front end rate “rally” that started after the most embarrassing payrolls miss jn Wall St  history, avg estimates over 1 million, 200k actual (Jefferies was street high at  > 2 million, or missing by 10x.)