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Buy the Clean Energy Dip

Ahead of this weekend Leaders Summit on Climate.





This is not a trading advice. You are responsible for your trading results.

The Macro Cafe. Episode #9

An updated overall technical view of the major asset classes Bitcoin, Oil, Gold, Sp500, Yields, Dollar Index, Asset Rotations .


NexGen (NXE): range-vol headfake or next leg up?

Might NXE break out of its $3-4 range for a quick + 25%?  

PRO's: 1) NXE (along with Denison) was added to Canada’s benchmark index S&P/TSX a couple weeks ago and all told, the addition necessitated acquisition of approx 16mn shares or about 4% of float (prior to this Cameco was the only uranium stock in the index); 2) U sector back breezes favorable (spot lbs still coming off market, euro "green" taxonomy revisions, US infrastructure/political imperatives);  3) Overall trend of NXE shares is up; 4) decent technicals, notably healthy bounce off 50 dma & fresh macd reversal.  

CON's: 1) ETF’s that track the S&P/TSX had to do their buying during the month of March, so as regards the index inclusion pop, the more substantial portion of buy pressure could be finished for now. 2) shares already up %50 ytd/%350 12 mo; 3) several attempts to breach $4.26 resistance have been thwarted since early Feb; 4) all the other things, both fundy & technical, that I don't know... 

CONCLUSION: yeah, I have one.