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Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

Any doctor here already using Nuance?

I read MSFT is buying Nuance for 16 Billion, a conversational AI company focussed on Healthcare. 

Just wondering if anyone has already worked with it in practice. 

I have never heard about Nuance but they seem quite big already

@Muhammed Banday ?

BRO breaking out

Need your help

I'm interviewing banking expert Chris Whalen on the RVDB today. It's perfect timing as the Goldman and JPM release their earnings that day.

What do you want me to ask him about? 

I refer to my original thesis of "tech" being more than a stock/trade etc.  Its as much of a balance sheet item as a Dialysis Machine or Bitcoin.  But who's tech is better. Nasdaq = +++, imho =)


We did have that correction back in dec-feb in tech. It was a long time. I remember posting a roughly 10% drop, then I said I felt 10% more was in order. I was way off on that lol!! =) much happier with the the pullback, rotation and bait and switch.. but I stuck with my targets and "tech" portfolio. =) conviction! (... stubborn