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I would like to suggest an exchange for 1. ESG and 2. Impact Investing

I would define ESG as a negative screen against Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it is reasonably well understood. Impact Investment is something different. Usually with an investment we would look at two primary dimensions: financial risk and return (%). With an Impact Investments we would look at three primary dimensions: financial risk, return (%) and impact. Here we are not only at looking to "not be bad" but actually "do some good" as a measurable criteria. I suggest capturing discussions around these related categories in an exchange.

Climate Analytics Special | From The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

This week Real Vision’s Roger Hirst talks to experts in the fields of Environmental, Social and Governance investing. This trend could quickly have ground to a halt during the early Covid crisis. But instead, the trend has accelerated. That will provide a vast number of investment opportunities. For a deeper dive into climate risk analytics, click the link to access the new report from Refinitiv and Constellation Research. In it, you’ll get an overview of how the auto industry has transformed over the last decade, why it matters, and if automakers are ready to once again transform their products in working towards a decarbonized economy:
Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

Sharing Is Caring: Deutsche Banks CIO US Election paper. I can see a Biden win being good to those ESG funds;

My reaction to this is the same as my reaction every time I see a bull case with only half the data.  Why are the only numbers you are showing positive?  If the company managed to decrease debt over the past 6 months I am sure that it would be mentioned so odds are good that debt has increased.  If you are only giving me the positive numbers that makes me think its a sales pitch and not analysis.  Give me the debt, the number of locations not opened, the number of locations not making as much as pre pandemic and not a vague case of ‘most’ re-opening with strong sales but the actual numbers.  Things like ‘steadier flow during operating hours’ is meaningless unless you tell us that the operating hours are the same as before pandemic because for many places they are not.