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The network effects on Ethereum in terms of Liquidity and developer's tools

This article was written up by Bizantine Capital. I have never heard from them before. These two founders started investing in Ethereum back in 2017. I have learnt quite a fair bit from their old articles back in 2020 (before this recent bull run). They explained a lot of the tech concepts in a layman term and mainly building their bull case from a fundamental point of view.  I thought I just had a quick share with you guys.

#Bitcoin breaking a resist line since May 2021 it it confirm in the next 2 hours with volume the break could go up to nearly 42K

Amol G
Trader & Investor of Internet Money

BTC Levels to watch for bullishness + trade outlook into the weekend Alts to watch: OHM, SOL, THETA, etc.

Amol G
Trader & Investor of Internet Money

Stock market + Crypto discussion | What stocks are poised for upside in this [potential] Delta Variant Enviornment