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Fred KruegerExchange Expert
Chairman MetalPay / Proton Blockchain. Ex-arbitrage trader (Salomon Brothers, GCM).

Tether to surpass Ethereum as #2 behind BTC

...Based on regression analysis dating to the start of 2019, Tether’s inexorable market cap growth suggests it’s “… on pace to match the capitalization of Ethereum in a bit less than a year.”

Michael Epstein
Serial Entrepeneur / Investor / Trader

If real vision wants to be the best. They need to stop connecting to FB MESSENGER.

I’m 80% done with my profile.   I just need to connect a messenger app.   @Ash Bennington    —- so I’m trying to connect telegram!   

cant.  I didnt. Delete my entire Facebook or IG accounts entirely.   They exist in the cloud.  I did delete all their apps on my phone.  I don’t remember the passwords and the cookies have all been deleted. 

we need to grow up and move on from WEB 2.0 to the new era.   I believe in the younger generations to innovate on etherium and blockchain.  Build apps. Do what Tim Berners-Lee intended for the internet.  

I’m an early adopter.  Have you ever been early?   Sometimes the returns are 3000+% 


sometimes the returns are zero.    There’s no negative unless you’re leveraged.  We’re fiscally responsible.   I don’t need a Facebook to rule my life. 

I have telegram.   

anywey.  I wanted to talk about millenials.   And the need for us right now to stop feeling intimidated by boomers and gen x billionaires.   

it’s time for us to put innovate and make capital work for us.  Build strong alliances and reshape the future. 
love and peace. 


John Fadool
OSU Grad & Freelance Geopolitical Analyst

Very likely. Defi users and founders take pride in that their platforms essentially self-regulate and manage themselves, not to mention those that take out the loans from Defi markets are often businesses that the US government doesn't allow access to US bank lending. BlockFi while, not Defi in the traditional sense, is largely aligned with the greater Crypto banking space has publically talked about lending out crypto collateralized to Marijuana companies who can't access capital markets. While Marijuana remains a state issue and is in largely legal limbo on the Federal level since they haven't unilaterally overturned state legalization, if they felt that loans were going to more unscrupulous companies, we would see the SEC and FTC get heavily involved. 

Fred KruegerExchange Expert
Chairman MetalPay / Proton Blockchain. Ex-arbitrage trader (Salomon Brothers, GCM).

I believe the answer is yes. ETH version 1 has exactly one killer app -- DEFI. This consists of a number of completely anonymous smart contracts, many of which are promising unrealistic returns.

The FCA is already instituting bans on certain high risk DEFI projects and others will follow. This could have an impact on ETH's price in the short to medium term.