This has the potential to be the greatest experiment to test the superiority of the Exchange against everyone/thing else. I truly believe that a truck driver and a D student can self-generate a better grasp of the real economy than so called economists, market participants, academics, policy makers and anyone else - precisely because we are taking a highly unconventional (and highly rational) approach. But we need your help - so if you have anything (really- anything) to contribute, please do so and build upon this. 

In this debut video, we take a real world look at US labor &  inflation via:

•Commodities, specifically nat gas fracking “quietly” underway, while crude at $70 and GS & JPM calling for $80 due to OPEC+, Biden green agenda, reopen demand.

•Keystone XL (not so dead?)

•New and used car shipments & inventory (used cars accounted for nearly ⅓ of today’s May’21 CPI surge, and drove April ‘21 spike as well)

•Lumber, housing market / home builders bottleneck

•Wage inflation, and the non-wage-related factors holding back workforce participation 

•Container Shipping

•Cybersecurity Attacks

• RVs & Winnebago stock

@Bradley Snyder = real world cross regional dot connector 

@Weston Nakamura = financial markets cross asset dot connector 

The Exchange = both of the above x infinity