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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

personal milestone


This only happens because of you all. Algo doesnt attribute influence points if you're talking to a wall. So thank you all for reading / watching / commenting / arguing / liking my stuff, nonsense and all! 

And special thanks to @Farrell Murphy 

Farrell MurphyVisionary
Manager of Product Development- The Exchange

Engage on the Exchange, Win Stuff…

We are excited to announce Influence Points Rewards. 

Basically, we want to reward you for your amazing contributions, engaging conversations, and all-round quality content on The Exchange. 

It’s because of you – all of you – that The Exchange is as incredible as it is.

So, starting next week, we will be awarding weekly and monthly prizes for the top influence point earners. If you don’t know about Influence Points or how to earn them, check out our Guide to the Exchange. 

Up for grabs…

  • Top 3 Weekly Influence Point Earners: $10 Credit to RV Shop
  • Top 5 Monthly Influence Point Earners: $25 Credit to RV Shop

Check out the Real Vision Shop Here

You can only win the weekly prize once a month… and the monthly prize once every two months… so everyone has a shot to win. There are more details and T&C’s HERE


Let’s go…