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Pablo Malvar Fernandez
Chief computational linguist at

I had the same question for a while as I was accessing RV through a browser. If you download RV’s app (I’m on iOS) you‘ll get acce to the saved videos. Plus you can download them to watch without being online.

Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

Request: Post the title of the video content here so that we can comment on it. Like you would on a Reddit post.

Hey Exchange admin!

I notice there is still a comment section that is alive an well on the RV video website. 
It's a bit of a shame since the exchange has a far better version of commenting (we can add images....and we get notifications if someone responds to our comment).

Basically what I want is to be able to talk about the content in a video on the exchange like I would do in the comment section. Does that make sense?  

My suggestion would be that whoever does the interview can do a post with the video title. There might be better ideas out there but right now i feel this is really missing :) 


Referral Program?

Will there be a referral program be added to the site as well? I have some friends that I can get to sign up but was wondering if there was any plan for a referral program? 

Small technology channel addition

I have both an tech (in IEEE or operating companies not as analyst) and banking backrground.

I focus on tech start-up private and small listed. I am keen to exchange ideas on operating model, valuation, trends opportunities on indiducal names. I focus on Platform, B2B tools, AI, Data Infra and Networking.

A small technology channel addition could be great.