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Festival of Learning 2021
Festival of Learning 2021
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Farrell MurphyVisionary
Manager of Product Development- The Exchange

The slack channels are usually kept up for a week after the events/ festivals and then deleted. But feel free to continue any of those conversations on The Exchange!

Real Vision is on to something

Real Vision (RV) is on to something. The financial and economic content on RV is top notch. Not many would disagree with that statement. However, RV is flirting with something entirely different in my opinion, and I like it. 

There was a time when one could rely on PBS to provide oneself with a reliably consistent assortment of high quality and intellectually stimulating interviews and social commentary. I'm thinking of Charlie Rose of course. However, we all know how that ended up. After viewing the Daniel Kahneman, Niall Ferguson, and Josh Wolfe segment from the Festival of Learning I believe that RV has the potential to bridge itself from financial intelligence to the general intellectual and culturally piercing spaces that have been abandoned by networks and public institutions alike. 

Podcasts have made their mark because it turns out that people actually like long form media. However, the podcast space is utterly saturated. Even though there are golden nuggets of intellectual content abounding within the pod space, the space is poorly curated. This is where RV has an edge. 

RV could produce a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly talk show with Niall Ferguson or someone of his caliber hosting and discussing (not interviewing) guests the same quality of Daniel Kahneman. 

What do you all think?



P.S. Kyle Bass would be awesome, just saying.

Starting a thread here about punchy one-liners for the most valuable lessons learnt from the Festival.

Should have started it earlier when I was watching earlier videos.

Yet just then - J Dillian and Brent Donnellly.  Brent mentions that the one thing he has observed from the top traders (20+ years - THAT says almost everything to me) is that they are very humble.  That short term days traders just incorporate being wrong into their process. 

That theme (humility) seems to be across the interviews.  Well Josh points that out often when referring to Daniel Kahneman.