I’m 80% done with my profile.   I just need to connect a messenger app.   @Ash Bennington    —- so I’m trying to connect telegram!   

cant.  I didnt. Delete my entire Facebook or IG accounts entirely.   They exist in the cloud.  I did delete all their apps on my phone.  I don’t remember the passwords and the cookies have all been deleted. 

we need to grow up and move on from WEB 2.0 to the new era.   I believe in the younger generations to innovate on etherium and blockchain.  Build apps. Do what Tim Berners-Lee intended for the internet.  

I’m an early adopter.  Have you ever been early?   Sometimes the returns are 3000+% 


sometimes the returns are zero.    There’s no negative unless you’re leveraged.  We’re fiscally responsible.   I don’t need a Facebook to rule my life. 

I have telegram.   

anywey.  I wanted to talk about millenials.   And the need for us right now to stop feeling intimidated by boomers and gen x billionaires.   

it’s time for us to put innovate and make capital work for us.  Build strong alliances and reshape the future. 
love and peace.