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Wrapping up our first AMA...

Hi Everyone,

Its coming up on the hour (but I will stay on for a few more minutes in case more questions come in) I just wanted to say I enjoyed this new way of interacting.

I will be coming on periodically and posting any meaningful tweets or new views.

I will do a survey next time to see what topics folks want me to be prepped on.

I like the more rapid fire questions (based around a theme) but also do not mind the longer-term ones (just need more time to noodle on it and prep before an AMA).

Hope you all enjoyed it and keep in touch,


Not yet and this time the bond shorts might be right until we get clarity on election...

Hi Daniel – I cannot give specific investment advice on a particular ETF or security, but Canadian rates have a strong correlation with Treasuries and if the US economy is about to see a relapse into the winter/early-2021, then both rates markets would like see lower rates/bonds rally. The 30yr Canadian rate, like that of the US counterpart, is trying to breakout of a range and is at the highest yield level in many months.  Overall markets may start to de-risk into the US election so as with all things, if you are looking at getting exposure dollar-cost-averaging is the safest thing as at least you can start building a position if you are so inclined.  Just watch out for fiscal news and if 30yr rates can avoid breaking out to newer highs is where I would start.

George Goncalves is going live now in his exchange answering your bond questions! Go check him out and ask you questions!