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Hedge Funds
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Archegos’ $20 Billion Implosion | The Short of it | Zer0es TV

In this month’s episode of The Short of it, the Muddy Waters team dissects the epic implosion of Archegos Capital Management. They specifically dive into the artificially manufactured short-squeeze that happened to GSX, a Chinese online learning company which many short-sellers believe is the biggest fraud since Wirecard. Carson and Freddy give their critique of Bill Hwang, the former protégé of Julian Robertson of Tiger Management, whose character was scorned by insider trading, but externally preached to be a devout Christian. They also discuss several details surrounding the microstructure of Cathie Wood’s ETFs that perhaps suggest the end of the cycle.
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Part 2 Wrap Up: Gathering Thoughts on The Crypto Gathering

Following Part 1 Gathering Thoughts on The Crypto Gathering (see here)

@John Ahearn @Seahyung Park @Jeremiah S @Weston Nakamura wrap up Crypto Gathering ‘21 with:

Irresponsibly Long/Short: Debate on replicating the traditional active asset management & hedge fund industry model →  crypto assets

Irresponsible Outlooks: What will be on the Crypto Gathering 2022 agenda? (1 year forward looking predictions, risks and opportunities)

Revelations of being Responsibly Allocated (or not)

(Regarding crypto active fund management strategies, see RV Interview from Jan 21 2021 with Anatoly Crachilov, CEO of Nickel Digital Asset Management and @Moritz Seibert of Two Quants discuss BTC futures vs swaps, arb strategies and more - see video here)

As I keep mentioning in the videos + posts on the Exchange as well as the Crypto Gathering Slack channels, I am looking at this event through the year over year lens, comparing CG’ 20 → ‘21.

Incredible progression in the space during the 9 months since CG at end of June ‘20 - at the time spot BTC was $9130 struggling to break $10k resistance, which happened a month later, BTC is 5x, ETH is 6x from Gathering to Gathering.

What Put Options should I buy to hedge?

Obviously a very open-ended question.  Hoping for a lot of different solutions...