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Hedge Funds
Hedge Funds
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Is there an interview with a crypto hedge fund of funds (e.g. Portal ) or a long/short fund manager (e.g. Arca) in the pipeline?

Graeme Blackwood
Designer, musician, coder

Numerai aiming to disrupt the Hedge fund industry

Tough to know which exchange to put this in!

I've been following Numerai for a while. Quality team, backed by Union Square Ventures (Fred Wilson) and are aiming to become "the world's open hedge fund"

They are really upping their game on the marketing too…




Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

An activist letter worth sharing concerning Disney.

Here is Dan Loeb from Third Point (16B AUM) arguing for Disney not to pay a dividend but to instead invest in the DTC content and move towards a subscription/platform business model a la Spotify and SaaS. 

Full letter:


I like how this letter ends. 
I like how this letter ends.