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FRONTLINE Federal Reserve Episode, review

FRONTLINE critiques the Fed for showering big banks, big business and Wall Street with easy money, which reached neither the real economy nor the vast majority of Americans. Yes to the latter, but no-no-no-no to the former.  Jeff Snider did a 95-minute review of this episode ( and explains why the Fed is not central to money.

Jeff wouldn't even allow me to get past the episode's tagline, calling it "provably false".

The full, @JeffSnider_AIP reaction spectacular:

Sam ColtExChangemaker
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For those of you into inflation

Unilever inflation expectations
Unilever inflation expectations

a look at Lacy Hunt in these times

Wissam Ali
High Performance Computing Systems Engineer

Sign Posts for Inflation. What to Look for? Summarizing thoughts by Russell Napier, Russell Clark, and Luke Gromen.

I am outlining here sign posts you should be looking for that might turn the tide from disinflation to inflation. I will summarize what each macro thinker is looking for:

  1. Russell Napier: Russell believes that governments will mandate credit rations to the commercial banks for political goals. These political goals are reducing inequality, fighting climate change, favoring small business over big corporates, and the shift from return on capital to the return on labor. He expects money growth to grow on average 10% year over year. He expects inflation will be around 3% to 5%. He expects central banks (including the FED) to be compliant to government wishes. Examples: A) In the UK, usually the longest term fixed mortgage you could normally get was five years. Prime minister Boris Johnson has now created a 25 year fixed mortgage for first-time buyers, offered by banks, guaranteed by the government. B) Bank of Japan has mandated that commercial banks lend at 0% for climate change related lending. C) In the US watch for student loan forgiveness and other social programs for millennials. He expects government bond yields to stay low through central bank purchases and mandating financial institutions to buy more of government bonds. In another words no more free markets. So Raoul Pal's chart of truth turns into the chart of deceit!
  2. Russell Clark: Russell is following China closely. What he is observing is that China is already attempting to have policies that favor wage growth and the return on labor... (More)