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Interest Rates
Interest Rates
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Need questions on inflation - for Steve van Metre interview with Mike Ashton

Hi all,
On Friday @Steven Van Metre will be doing a follow-up interview with Mike Ashton on inflation. He'll be sourcing questions from the RV Hive mind.

What do you want Steve to ask Mike?

Here is the original interview: 

Christopher Moir
Maker of random charts that seem important 2 years later

Monday 18th January 2021 - Gold update

I will start to do some more frequent chart updates on gold, but I wanted to highlight a couple of posts and replies.

The first is embarrassingly my own post, but I wanted to add a GDX overlay to the gold/oil price.

Second was a question regarding "the bear case" which a video made more sense than trying to type a reply.

Buy VIX calls in anticipating of a VaR shock?

Just read Julian's latest piece.  Thoughts on the merit of buying VIX calls in anticipation of a VaR shock event over the next month?

Breaking down what Quantitative Easing means and its true economic impact

Hop in the QE Submarine with me and "Slick Nick" @Nick Correa as we break down @Ash Bennington's interview with Jeff Cox...

We cover what quantitative easing (QE) is, why the Fed continues to do it,  and what that means for the economy and you.