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Jack Farley
Jack Farley

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Bitcoin tail risk questions

@Sebastian Moonjava @Jack Farley 

I have been personally investing in Bitcoin for a few months now.  I still have questions that I have not had much luck finding answers too and did not know if RV or others on this platform have done some deep digging into.  1. Who is Satoshi Nakimoto and what are the tail risks of the origin?  Would this be state or group sponsored and could that lead to sanctions?  2. Who owns the "Whale" wallets and what is the risk of a large liquidation of those wallets?  3. What are the implications of possible manipulation from Tether that has been reported by some media outlets?  These are questions that I think could help increase the legitimacy of Bitcoin and crypto in general.  Thank you   


@Max Wiethe and @Jack Farley source questions from Real Vision members via The Exchange in this special, pre-recorded edition of The Real Vision Daily Briefing. Max and Jack discuss everything from how quantitative easing impacts the economy, to who their favorite contributors are, to how the evolution of their macro frameworks have evolved as a result of working at Real Vision. In addition to sharing their thoughts on stocks, bonds, and crypto, Max and Jack consider how their relatively young age should impact their risk tolerance and portfolio construction.


NEED YOUR HELP - Ask me anything with me and Max Wiethe

The "young bucks" @Max Wiethe and I will be filming an "ask me anything" Real Vision Daily Briefing that airs next Monday.

What would you like to know? 

Turkey, China and AUDNZD

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my thoughts on some key charts.


USDTRY: Monthly chart is bullish, however, divergences can be seen on the chart. Weekly chart came down to kijun and is consolidating currently. TK lines are getting close and daily chart has bearish bias. 8.05 is the resistance level and i want to see the failure here to see move to 7.2740. 


I'm playing it via $TUR though. Monthly chart is showing multiple divergences and is curretly testing the key level. That same level is kumo resistance on weekly chart. Once that blows up,i expect $29 is next. Its just a matter of time before we get there. A covered call strategy or simply long calls is a good play here.

Also want to follow up on FXI play. Nice pattern on weekly chart and price is currently pulling back and testing the support zone.

And lastly i want to share AUDNZD. Monthly chart is testing key level and weekly kumo is supporting the price. Watch daily chart price action. This can be a nice multi month long setup. However, patience is required for now.