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Moar Vol and VIX with Jason Buck and Ben Eifert

Jason Buck and Tyler Pearson have been talking to a handful of Volatility traders on RV

Jason recently interviewed Ben Eifert who has amassed quite a following on twitter and also runs a fund called QVR. 

Their conversation is quite a sandwich (24 pages or 1h16 min of podcast) but fun quite insightful. Since the topic of Vol is quite complicated and filled with jargon so I used to make a transcript of the interview. The transcript is like 95 ish % correct, so the spelling can be off or a word might be off but you should be able to read it because of context. I fixed the worst parts myself and added some highlights and notes for myself. 

one thing is clear most of what Ben is doing should be Labelled as "Do not try this in your PA". 
Still, it's interesting to hear what these VIX people do in their 40h+ work weeks 😂

Have fun; 



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Hi all, I just wrote an article on the correlation between the S&P 500 and the VIX flipping positive. It features analysis from Jason Buck of the Mutiny Fund. (Jason is a peer of Mike Green and Chris Cole, if you didn't know.) Check it out!