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Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

Winter Is Coming for outdoor dining.

Currently, we are going through the second wave of infections (schools reopened so it's not really surprising). 

I just realised that the restaurants that seemed to have survived were the ones that could basically offer outdoor dining. With the weather changes and governments restricting movements again, I fear for those remaining restaurants and bars. 

Back to doing takeouts and deliveries, I guess. 

"“The recession has essentially ended for high-income individuals,” Chetty told Biden and Harris. Meanwhile, the bottom half of American workers represented almost 80% of the jobs still missing."
George StanoevVisionary
GM Memberships & Experiences
Hey guys, George here - GM Memberships & Experiences at RV.

I am looking for a "shit hot" marketing pro to join the Memberships team that I lead. Naturally the RV community is the first place to look given the concentration of diverse global talent. Also, being passionate about RV certainly helps with execution.

More specifically I am looking for a lifecycle marketer, who is an expert in the business of subscriptions and can add tremendous value throughout the membership lifecycle - from acquisition to retention.

If you think you are the right person or you know that person, please reach out.

More info here -