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Julian Brigden
Julian Brigden
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Eurodollar puts

Hi all.  It's my first post, so I hope I don't come across too stupid!

I'm thinking about buying some Eurodollar puts on the expectation of rising rates for the next 6 months or so.  I've got an IBKR account and bought ED calls a couple years back on Raoul's recommendation, but this is my first time venturing out alone.

Does anyone in the Exchange have experience trading these options who can walk me through at a high level so I don't screw it up?  I'm thinking about Dec 10 '21 puts, but don't know what GE0, GE2, etc mean, and whether I should purchase one of those contracts versus the Dec 13 '21 contract. Thank you so much!

Looking for votes from the RV community!

Those who watched my "How I use Real Vision" video will recall that I am amongst other things a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. This year I have been honoured in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards which is like the Oscars of wildlife photography and I am in the running with 24 other images for the Peoples Choice Award with my image below from the border between Hong Kong and mainland China that I call 'Border Refuge'. 

I would appreciate the support of the Real Vision community for my work with a vote at the following direct link if you like it. It is quick and easy to vote and voting closes on the 2nd February so not long now. Here is the link:

There is an accompanying short behind the scenes video where I conducted an interview and provided footage to describe the thought process behind the photograph that has been published on various social media channels:




Thanks for your time. 

Joseph Anthony

@Raoul Pal @Julian Brigden @Max Wiethe @Jack Farley @Ash Bennington @George Stanoev 

"Border Refuge" by Joseph Anthony - Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award
"Border Refuge" by Joseph Anthony - Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award


I'm actually for some time now looking for the same non-us alternative for the XME but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a one-to-one comparable UCITS (EU regulated) version. It's either Mining, Materials or Industrials, but none have the same holdings. SXLI, SXLB, IUMS or XDWM (global) are some ideas. 

If you find better fitting solutions, please let us know.


Richard Koalal