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Julian Brigden
Julian Brigden
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Avalanche (AVAX)

Watched this interview on Avalanche and thought it was very interesting. Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on the Avalanche project? 

It seems like as we move into a time where there are a lot more blockchain networks and they are competing, the differentiation becomes explicit as development on those networks scales. 

It also seems like you need some sort of technical background to truly identify the differentiation. Any thoughts on someone who is more big picture and conceptual to get an idea of these dynamics?

Best Resources on Blockchain

Hey guys, 

Can you share the best resources you know on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or anything related to the field. It doesn't matter if it costs money or not. Also, what are the best people you follow on Twitter for the space? 
I just need as many resources as possible to do research for a project I am working on. 

Thanks in advance!


Commodity Trade Exchange

Hey guys hope everyone is doing well!

As we are entering into this year, talk about commodities has been at the forefront for people who are trying to stay ahead. I posted something recently about rare earth materials and was surprised to see how many people commented and were interested. 

So let's do this, next week why don't we throw together a video with our best trade idea connected to commodities, precious metals, rare earth, ev materials or something along those lines. I'll record a short video with each person and then throw them all together so that we can all benefit from the knowledge. #doyouevencommoditybro

Basically, if you provide your investment thesis, instrument/exposure, timeline and risks then we can make a short video on it.  

Who is down? Comment here or shoot me a message and let's do this!