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Need your help

I'm interviewing banking expert Chris Whalen on the RVDB today. It's perfect timing as the Goldman and JPM release their earnings that day.

What do you want me to ask him about? 

Ahh my live RV interview feed dropped!

Can't seem to get the sound back on but it sounded like there were some questions on how one would play this concept. I am rather intrigued but very ignorant to the specifics and how to look into getting exposure. Please let me know if anyone has some additional thoughts or insight  =)

China could use Bitcoin as a weapon against the US (dollar) - except it also sees it as a threat to itself

Mutual demonisation carries on as normal!

The release valve is going to be banks reduce lendings if this proposed rule change goes through.  Not going to be able to get a mortgage will effectively reduce housing demand and fix the housing supply/demand imbalance.

Also, this proposed rule only applies to permanent residences.  Investment properties are not impacted.