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Pershing Square to purchase UMG for the NFT potential?

Hi Exchange crew,

I have been searching a bit deeper into the current talk of Bil Ackmans investment in to Universal music group (UMG) - Could this be a potential music rights play before the shift toward royalty NFT's takes place?

The back catalogue of UMG is impressive to say the least and it is evident that they are dipping their toes into the NFT merchandise area. UMG's merchandise unit (Bravado) has recently signed on with, perhaps there is a larger picture unfolding here....

Has anyone pulled the thread further on this? Interested to see what we may be able to uncover.


Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

Epic Games, Inc V Apple

In case anyone here interested in that case. 
Here is all the material that is being presented in the courts. 

Benedict Evans dug up these slides about all the app stores in China.

However, he is sneaky and expects people to pay for his premium newsletter to basically read public info (F-That)

So i dug into all those files in the hope to find that one presentation and I found it! 


I recommend anyone interested or involved in Apps or into videogames to go through those public documents. Lots of interesting titbits. 

Here is the full Box:

After going through this I do think Apple has an upper hand but very curious to see what the verdict will be. 

Opening arguments Apple:

Opening arguments Epic Games: 

What many people think NFTs are vs. What NFTs actually are.

An NFT is a component with multiple parts that goes beyond the content(e.g. jpeg).

Lightstreams - Digital asset (NFT) ownership and access control

I've been following the the Lightstreams team for a while now. Token name PHT

The team has built what I believe is a unique solution that enables you to keep parts of the blockchain private, and grant access to the "missing parts" to certain people. Essentially crating an access control list for smart contracts. 

They are an ERC20 but use a different consensus mechanism (Tendermint, Cosmos also uses this) that speeds up transaction processing.  

They are releasing a wallet shortly and are getting into NFT protection. Essentially as I understand it they can create  smart contracts that can control the access and distribution of a digital asset (like NFTs) on their chain. 

So the NFT is not just a pointer and ownership proof to a digital asset but also access control. #Interesting