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Correlation Chart. (Maybe $PUTS on XLU)

Deb Haaland to lead Interior amid concerns from New Mexico oil and gas industry, March 2021.

He pointed to an indefinite pause on new oil and gas leases on federal land enacted by Biden via executive order upon taking office as a sign that the new federal administration intended to slow fossil fuel development to the detriment of New Mexico’s bottom line.

Another Oil Boom is coming” with Richard Spears, VP of Spears & Associates.(Flip the Barrel)

$150 Crude?

China Factory Inflation Soars to 2008 High on Commodity Boom

so China’s plan is to reduce cost to the consumer/ prices increases to avoid losing market share while ignoring the fact that this doesn’t control commodity prices, wtf are they thinking?

Oh by the way did you see that crude price at 72 😝