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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Delta Hedging Tokyo 2020 Olympics Video: Opening Ceremony Eve w/ Ash Bennington

Following up on my written post last week “Delta” Hedging 2020 Tokyo Olympics   @Ash Bennington joins me on the eve of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony tomorrow (Friday, July 23 2021), for one last overview of the serious (and seriously overlooked) situation on the ground, before we (as a global community) dive into the first real test of where we really are with this pandemic since inception.  

Filmed + footage from what should be a vibrant, bustling summer night of excitement in the Tokyo Station area - the heart of the world’s largest metropolitan region by population and GDP. This is the eerie calm before the storm.   

Latest Updated Facts & Figures:

•1,979 - latest Tokyo COVID daily cases (6m high)

91 - latest COVID positive cases among “Games-concerned personnel“

•Tokyo2020 now most expensive in history

Original revenue expectations: 
•¥1.52bn = ¥152k avg expected tourist spending x 1 million tourists 

•¥90bn = 630,000 ticket sales

•Large OLED TV sales +50% YoY (no spectators = TV sales ↑)


Week-of firings:
•Director of Opening Ceremony fired on Opening Ceremony eve- Holocaust jokes

•Opening Ceremony music conductor resigns on accusations of past bullying & abuse of the disabled

+Feb: Tokyo2020 President & former Japan PM Mori fired- sexist remarks.  +March: Creative Director fired- sexist remarks


•"Delta" Hedging 2020 Tokyo Olympics (Original Written)

•Japan: The World’s Biggest COVID Failure

John San
SP - ETH - GOLD / trade- expose-hoard

China documentary- The New World of Xi Jinping

I watched this documentary during the weekend. I wanted to share with everyone.

Daily Dirtnaps Left vs Right Inflation/Disinflation debate aka dirty data everywhere.

Rental Prices:

‪I started doing research, pulling stats, comparing others comparisons of rental prices. I find it peculiar they’re comparing/ adding Boise to the national level and comparing it to Houston‘s rental market/ prices. Houston’s pop. is 2.5mil w/a GDP of $478 billion in 2016, where as Boise’s pop. is 250k w/ no data on GDP. I understand it’s part of the nation but does a 250k pop. influence prices across the country, I would also like to add the absence of Boise in the top right chart which represents rental decreases of 2020, the absence is reasonable as the chart is titled “Expensive Cities Experiencing the Largest Pandemic-Related Rent Declines” yet I don’t see Houston in that chart ether. IMHO they are using percentage change in combination with a small sample size.

Housing Inventory:

I’ve also seen YoY housing inventory comparison using 2020-2021. I asked myself, why would anyone use a YoY inventory comparison in 2020, when no one in their right mind would sell their families shelter during a pandemic; during the time most of the seller’s were flippers selling so that inventory level would be negligible to a point of course because for every flipped home sold they had to be a seller to the flipper unless the home was in foreclosure.

Comment, Thoughts!?!

  • Using percentage change in combination with a small sample size

Another way of creating misleading statistics, also linked with the choice of sample discussed above, is the size of said sample. When an... (More)

Unconventional Infrastructure Plays

An energy service company (ESCO) is a business that provides a broad range of energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generationand energy supply, and risk management.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP):

Certifying Institution:

Federal Training:

Fits in any macro cycle, IMHO.