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Precious Metals
Precious Metals
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Gold And Crypto: Is This How Charts Look Before A Monetary Collapse?

It is the the massive debt. It cannot be serviced. It will collapse the whole system.

The gold, silver and cryptocurrencies charts are showing signs of going parabolic. The US dollar is close to confirming a massive breakdown.

Gold, silver and cryptocurrencies all provide ‚Äúcrisis value‚ÄĚ by simply being an acceptable debt-based-fiat alternative. It is only later in this crisis that we will see a divergence between cryptocurrency and precious metals.


For now, they are likely to move higher together.

Gold has recently made new all-time highs, and seems ready to go higher after a decent consolidation. The importance of the 2011 all-time high can be seen on these charts:

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Current Asset Allocation

I'm curious to know what other folks' asset allocation currently look like. To start the discussion, here is mine. 

Any thoughts/comments? What does yours look like?

Current Asset Allocation
Current Asset Allocation

The Real Vision Team's Video Picks of the Week!



This week's Precious Metals exchange video of the week is not actually from this week. Not every exchange topic is covered explicitly on Real Vision on a weekly basis and so I will sometimes go back to find a video that I know not everyone has seen. This video has been viewed by less than 20% of the audience. The reason I'm picking this video is for one specific quote which can be found at 42:15 mark...

"I bought gold for the first time in my life a week ago. I understand the case for gold. We're on the way to some banana republic situation. Nobody's worrying about the debt that's being created. I'm focused on who pays for the party when the partyis over? As I mentioned before, it took 244 years to go from zero national debt to 21 trillion, that's going up at $4 trillion, maybe $5 trillion this year. What about next year?"

When people with decades of experience who have been ignoring or ridiculing precious metals for years say the time is now it means one of two things: 1) Pile in or 2) Get the hell out. I'm not sure which one it will be but personally I'm betting on number 1. You can find @Edward Harrison interview with Leon Cooperman here: