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BTC and ETH support based on different exchanges

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I decided to do a more thorough levels check on BTC and ETH but this time applying the confluence fib analysis using prices from different exchanges. I used Bitstamp, Bitfinex and Gemini and using long term and short term time frames going back as far as previous all time highs using weekly charts and then a few levels in the shorter term since the more recent ATHs. However generally speaking I have not put any levels below that are only based on short term analysis. They have to be of interest in conjunction with longer term time frames to be considered valid because this is not a day trading exercise it is for longer term major support and resistance.

Firstly starting with levels for BTC organised by exchange and then same for ETH. If you also pay attention to previous drops of 38-40% then for BTC the level could reach 35088-36200 as a momentum push below the 37200 area levels below (just as it did on the way up when 55300 was resistance and it pushed to over 58000 before coming back below 55300). Same thing for ETH 38-40% off the highs is around 1220-1264 and there are levels around 1250-1294 below. Also bear in mind there are descending wedge formations. At time of writing ETH has already bounced off the 1293 area but more confirmation needed to see if the bottom is in place. BTC has not yet reached it's support levels according... (More)

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Kazu Williams
Staff Research Associate


Hello Hive, 

Robotics are the future.  Can we begin the discussion about potential investments? What companies should we be looking at?  We can blend those that are currently being traded vs. those which have a potential for an IPO.  

ISRG - Intuitive Surgical

TWOU - 2U inc. 

6506 - Yaskawa

These are only a few examples, but want to learn more.  Does anybody have suggestions?