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Week 1, Day 2
Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Crypto Winter Coming in Charts & History - Unless This Time Is Different (it is - but still noteworthy info)

Crypto Cyclicality / Seasonality Developing... The Looming Crypto Winter Cometh… or not. But these are of note:

  • Analysis of Price Action via Relative Market Cap for BTC, ETH & total crypto ex BTC + ETH
  • DOGE: Difference between “use(ful)” and “significance”
  • May 16th sell catalyst: Sudden re-emergence of

Spot price matters, but more so for technicals and price action analysis and trading - whereas looking at market cap (or changes in market cap), absolute and relative, provide flow context, which represents global capital investment interest, which determines the rate of progress in this digital asset ecosystem building or conversion. I drew up some charts which I meant to put out yesterday, but after the fucking “back button” erased my work for the 50th time this month and I didn’t have the time nor patience to re-write it at 3am (theres a lot of stuff that never makes it out there to see the light of day, and a lot of what exists that was draft attempt #2-4, hence why I often don't seem to care about grammar, if anyone was wondering). So this was going to be another crumpled up ball of paper in an overflowing wastebasket- but of course, those are the moments when crypto sells off and your note’s relevancy jumps. So- this is a very lazy version with maybe a quarter of the insights I had put in, let me know if anyone cares and and I’ll be happy to share further. And the charts below... (More)

Avalanche (AVAX)

Watched this interview on Avalanche and thought it was very interesting. Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on the Avalanche project? 

It seems like as we move into a time where there are a lot more blockchain networks and they are competing, the differentiation becomes explicit as development on those networks scales. 

It also seems like you need some sort of technical background to truly identify the differentiation. Any thoughts on someone who is more big picture and conceptual to get an idea of these dynamics?
And it begins..