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Rare Earth
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YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED Jack Farley gives Rare Earths CEO... softball? Hi all, today I interviewed James Litinsky, the CEO of MP Materials, the only rare earths mine in the western hemisphere. I was very happy with how the piece went, as James told me stuff that he hasn't told any other media outlet (he has been doing a lot of 3-5 minute interviews since MP went public, and gave me 75 minutes of his full unfiltered opinions). However, I am noticing some comments saying I was too soft on James. Do you agree with Patrick S? Was I too soft on James? Should I have asked him more hardball questions? What do you think went well, if anything? What else could I do to be better? Would *love* your feedback As I wrote to Patrick, I am new to interviewing so am always looking for constructive feedback so I can get better and bring more insights to the Real Vision community from our guests. Link to piece: Here is what Patrick S wrote: Jack, I want to preface my remarks by saying, that I do like Real Vision, and that I am a very pleased shareholder of MP. I am up over 75% to date and I do believe that the company can continue to do well. I watched this interview to learn something more about the management of the company. HOwever, .....this was an interview that I hope you NEVER repeat. It was worse than anything I... (More)

Need your help

Okay it's rare earths, not precious metals. But I do need your help...

On Wednesday I'll be interviewing James Litinsky, the CEO of MP Materials, which owns and operates the only integrated rare earth mining and processing site in North America.

What questions do you want me to ask him? What resources would I find interesting to inform and inspire me before the interview?

Please share anything you think I might find interesting.


Commodities Exchange Video of the Week

As with this week's precious metals exchange video of the week the commodities exchange video of the week is from the archives. I was actually inspired to pick this one because Chammath was on Real Vision today. If you follow him on twitter he has been posting about $MP and the rare earth metals trend that he is betting on with his purchase of $MP. It reminded me about this video where we examine the tailwinds and the headwinds for rare earth metals industry, plus the interesting geopolitical aspects, namely that supply of rare earth metals is almost exclusively controlled by China. If you are very in to rare earths this might not be the most in the weeds deep dive you have ever seen but it does give a great overview and you even get to see on the ground at $MP.