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Sean Morgan
Host of the Sean Morgan Report

What is the March Hive Mind Report event today? How does it work?

When I click on link it does nothing.

Marc Jackson
Electronics Engineer

Martin Armstrong

I stumbled across some youtube videos of him, by accident. I noticed Raoul interviewed him in 2016, well worth a watch.

Maybe it's time to bring him back?


Voted for Other (please post)

Raoul and Julian have different timeframes and styles. Raoul is ~18 months and Julian feels like he most often is ~1-3 months in their timeframes. Both have different backgrounds, so hearing their different views helps me sort out and challenge my own opinions.

It also helps to see how they pick their entries. One of the things I am really trying to get better at is picking entry points. Julian has a very structured process and he always enters with an idea of how much he puts at risk and where his target is to sort of get an idea for what he thinks the play is.

Raoul is more open-ended, and he doesn't use hard stops. But when Raoul picks an entry and is right, he really does seem to nail the entry. What really stands out to me is how patient Raoul is on waiting for the most opportune time to strike. Still trying to develop better habits myself to mimic that part of his execution.

I joined initially because I was making mistakes trying to fight the market and got tired of giving too much money to Mr. Market to learn things the hard way. I definitely lost enough money for a couple of years worth of Pro before I joined. I figured if I was going to do this seriously, I needed to start using the service as training wheels to learn how to think thru my trade ideas. I have no formal training, and this... (More)