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Michael Epstein
Serial Entrepeneur / Investor / Trader

If real vision wants to be the best. They need to stop connecting to FB MESSENGER.

I’m 80% done with my profile.   I just need to connect a messenger app.   @Ash Bennington    —- so I’m trying to connect telegram!   

cant.  I didnt. Delete my entire Facebook or IG accounts entirely.   They exist in the cloud.  I did delete all their apps on my phone.  I don’t remember the passwords and the cookies have all been deleted. 

we need to grow up and move on from WEB 2.0 to the new era.   I believe in the younger generations to innovate on etherium and blockchain.  Build apps. Do what Tim Berners-Lee intended for the internet.  

I’m an early adopter.  Have you ever been early?   Sometimes the returns are 3000+% 


sometimes the returns are zero.    There’s no negative unless you’re leveraged.  We’re fiscally responsible.   I don’t need a Facebook to rule my life. 

I have telegram.   

anywey.  I wanted to talk about millenials.   And the need for us right now to stop feeling intimidated by boomers and gen x billionaires.   

it’s time for us to put innovate and make capital work for us.  Build strong alliances and reshape the future. 
love and peace. 


Great RV Video

I could be wrong on this but it seems like a lot of the older RV videos have kind of been forgotten. I really enjoy finding things that are overlooked or maybe hidden so I have been going through a lot of the RV videos that were made over 5 years ago. There are so many amazing nuggets. The guy in this video has had some of the best returns in the industry and yet I have never heard his name before I watched the video. Check it out

When do RealVision members post the most content?

Most users post at 15:00, 17:00, and 21:00 UTC.  People post the most on Thursday and Friday and the least on Sunday.

@The Classical Charts and Swing Trading Blog @Moritz Heiden 



Real Vision Behind the Lens (II)

Happy Thursday to the Real Vision Exchange community! The second installment of 'Behind the Lens' is fresh out of the oven - featuring @Nick Correa, who you might recognize from the Real Vision Daily Briefing. We dive into Nick's Real Vision journey and then, he takes the hot seat with rapid-fire questions. 

Let us know which staff member you would like us to feature next ( and which rapid-fire questions you want to add. Also, let us know if there are any Real Vision guests you would like to see answer some of these questions. 

And again, this impromptu series was birthed out of inspiration from your videos in the “How I Use Real Vision" exchange. So thank you!

Also, shout out to Real Vision's Creative Director @Kevin O'Dowd  who implemented 'The Intersection' element into 'The Interview' series. This limited-run addition incorporated rapid-fire questions at the end of each INTV and we recycled some of those classic questions for this 'Behind the Lens' series.