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As long as I'm looking at REITs, LAND looks interesting

For what it's worth, I don't only trade weird inflation sensitive REITs, but today they're the most interesting charts I'm looking at. 

Take a look at Gladstone Land REIT, the aptly named, LAND. It wholeheartedly broke to all time highs today after taking a moment to check its 20 day moving average. 

The monthly however looks quite extended and its RSI is really in the overbought territory. I have a much smaller position than I wish I did, I must admit I watched this one from the sidelines longer than I should have. I don't know if I want to add more here or just ride what position I have up into unknown territory. 

Do your own due diligence and then tell me you think. 

Daily looks good
Daily looks good
Take note of the over extended RSI and then take caution
Take note of the over extended RSI and then take caution


SLG Breaking Through Short Term Resistance, but Approaching Long Term Resistance Looks interesting

SL Green (SLG), a New York City based REIT broke through resistance and then appears to have used it as support for a new leg higher. It is however approaching a multi-year downward trend, which could spoil the party. If it breaks through that, then, well who knows where it could go.

Anecdotally, I like this stock because: 

  1. I like in NYC and most of my friends who were working from home are back in the office, or about to be back in the office and they're happy about it. The desire to never leave your home is not as strong when your home is a 550 square foot box with bad air conditioning. 
  2. New York in general is very open. There's an energy in this city that is ready to get back to normal, and party like there's no tomorrow. Observation would say that working age adults in NYC no longer fear covid in almost any capacity. 
  3. It's hard to call an NYC REIT an inflation hedge because there are so many other forces at work, but it's not, NOT an inflation hedge. 

I've been in this trade for a little bit, I'm looking to add more on a consistent breakout about the monthly downtrend. 

Do your own due diligence. But also let me know whether you think it breaks through. 

Daily Chart doing the cup and handle thing, checking resistance and moving upwards
Daily Chart doing the cup and handle thing, checking resistance and moving upwards
Monthly chart knocking on the door of a 7 year down trend
Monthly chart knocking on the door of a 7 year down trend

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Hi there. A couple of thoughts on SG Reits. I'm no expert but as a local punter have been investing in this space for about 10 years to provide 'safer type equity yields'. Also have found it difficult to access bonds in this market.

The more solid reits tend to have a 'parent' developer that feed developments into the reit. These include Capitaland, Mapletree and Keppel.

Attached image is a recent summary of reits from CIMB. Page has yields and other metrics that might be useful for picking.

Understandably retail, biz commercial and hospitality have been under pressure. Also many reits in 2020 have had a temporary cut back in dividends.

One good thing to note is the amount of debt reits can take on is regulated and capped about 45-50%. So they tend to be safer than most from a debt perspective.

Another good thing is SG government is doing a good job managing covid and its likely SG economy opens up quicker than most in Asia. Particularly as they role out the vaccine population wide in early 2021.

Personally I like Mapletree and Capitaland reits the most but Frasers Centerpoint Trust is interesting as is Capitaland Integrated Commercial if you don't mind retail and some biz commercial exposure.

There is a book Building wealth through REITS / Bobby Jayaraman that is a basic reference on reits and might be a useful place to start.

I don't think there is much in the residential space but a property developer... (More)