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Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

Sharing Is Caring: Deutsche Banks CIO US Election paper. I can see a Biden win being good to those ESG funds;

Check out the National Association of Credit Management Report. Basically everything has returned to its previous levels of expansion but there is one thing that stands out in contrast to everything else. Bankruptcies. It fits into the insolvency phase Raoul Pal has mentioned. Excerpt: “There have been many new bankruptcy filings emerging as the full impact of the lockdown is felt and as many of the restrictions have been reimposed.” You can look at their archive here to compare it to 2008 if you would like:
Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"
For those interested, here is the Februay 2020 Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns:

It's fun to look at because it's really a throwback to b4 Covid world 😄