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Risk Management
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Know your histogram lesson

A great video by Dr. Ken Long about managing risk.
Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

RV content request; so we had the whole WireCard fraud play out this year. I would love a video on the audit business and the fallout.

The WireCard story was really big but I feel RV hasn't really digested it or looked into it. It is kind of a shame. With a lot of the dust settled now I think it's time you guys create some content around it. 

Get Dan McCrum on RV he is a good lad! 


Graeme Blackwood
Designer, musician, coder

Navigating crypto legal policy

The legals of crypto, especially the securities law regime. Important for investors to consider as part of our risk management framework.

I know I just posted another video from this series – the content is excellent, though. I recommend watching the others too.