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Tracking Income and Trading The Stimulus

Hey RV Exchange!

Myself and @Aahan Menon did another video where we broke down personal income, identified how the stimulus has been impacting it and how to think about trading the stimulus as we move forward. 

There were some incredibly helpful clarifications in regards to how much impact the stimulus checks are actually having and how they are being used. Fundamentally, we are tracking the flow of capital in order to identify how the market is positioned and the possible scenarios in the future. 


Find @Aahan Menon research here:


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Shout out to @John Fadool in the video. 

Weekend Trend Update: A bit of everything highlighting some of the topics covered in the Friday's RV Daily Briefing.

@Ash Bennington and @Raoul Pal had a great discussion on the RVDB Friday night and I wanted to share a chart I created showing the 2yr yield vs the 10yr yield. I also take a look at some stock indexes, gold, copper, soybeans, rice,platinum,and Brent crude oil. Lastly, a recommendation to check out @Han S Rhee excellent video on bitcoin and ethereum.

OPED A different look at the situation Xmas 2020

I know quite a few micro, small & medium size business owners. 2020 has definitively been hard to many of the smaller guys. However, they all have a common denominator; they look at the real cash in their hands at the end of the day because that's what pay the bills,their employees and suppliers. Basically, their survival has beem based on sound and, many times, common sense business practices.

On the other side, capital superabundance (see post here below) is somehow trapped in a world of "elusive" potential return since the Financial Asset/GDP ratio has been pushed to new frontiers which seem hard to reconcile with the reality of main street. Interestingly, main street is the pillar which sustains this inverted pyramid and main street needs oxigen.

Capital superabundance has imposed its rules and has always been afraid of the impacts of the dosing of oxigen main street could get. Extremes can go more extreme but at some point in time they need to rebalance.

We have many smart people and much brainpower but we have failed creating balance since pursuit of self interests is more important than anything else. The end result is that we are somehow at bit at war with ourselves.

The history of art and technology is very interesting. Look at the invention of photography and the impressionist & pointillism period. Portraits painters were made obsolete and "perception" became the focus of the painters (I simplify).

When it comes to finance, BTC birth happens at the... (More)