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Sam Colt
"Guy that provides the proper Experimental Design"

Basics: Strength & Weakness of IPO SPAC & Direct Listings.

I hope this small table helps people understand the differences between IPO / SPAC and Direct Listing. I don't think this table is complete but the basics seem to be here. 

I personally don't fully understand the weaknesses of a direct listing because I don't understand what post-issuance price support would mean. 
plz help @Weston Nakamura

Ash Bennington sits downs with Kelly Rodriques to discuss the public market and the growing interest in alternatives to IPOs


Does anyone know of a master list of SPAC's outstanding that gets updated on a daily basis...

An added bonus would be a site with financial information, manager information etc?

Thank you in advance!

Investing in Space!! A Big Bet for the final frontier. What could be better?

Raoul talks about a big bet that comes every now and then. I felt this way about Cryptocurrency in 2013. Today I feel this way about Space. Investing in space is like investing in first ships that sailed the ocean. One particular company that I'm super excited about and have been following through it's ups and down is Virgin Galactic(SPCE). It took Burt and the team 14 years to come up with this vehicle that is built with such an ingenious idea that it's incredible. Its better than SpaceX because going to space is actually much more comfortable on Virgin Galactics "Spaceship 1" than a straightup rocket. Then once done, it just nicely glides down to earth. Virgin Galactics development has fixed some of the toughest problems in space and space tourism which could be worth trillions one day.  1. How to you reduce cost to launch by orders of magnitude? 2. How to do you make it safer to take off and also come back and land without complex controls. They have solved this problem. For a company that is worth 3BB dollars, I think we could easily see SPCE at 30BB if not 300BB valuations once they start launching paying customers. Space is a final frontier and it brings about a lot of hope and aspirations to mankind. Big things are about to happen with Virgin Galactic. It's time to buy this stock and just HODL it for at least 5 years. Your thoughts?