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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Incredible visuals/charts of what’s to come in tech

Came across this presentation (link to full PDF at bottom), pulled some charts on big picture themes- incredibly well done snapshots of thematic growth areas in broad tech.


Why the four digit BTCUSD days are likely gone, and so will five digit BTC sooner than later ↓

There may be debate about BTC‘s future, but everybody at least knows wtf BTC is by now ↓

This next one is pretty crazy- BTC spot price would increase +$40k for every +1% of SPX500 net cash allocated to BTC, and if BTC at current replaced all net cash on SPX500 balance sheets, would theoretically +$400k to spot BTC ↓

I don’t know/don’t care why this pisses some people off- but at this still nascent moment, ETH & the rest need BTC to continue onwards. brand new asset class → rising tide boat lifting stage

I think of @Seth Dingle every time I come across something like the below, and I’m glad that so many on the Exchange have also associated him w/ BTC & ETH vs CME futures. ↓

Btw @Seth Dingle any thoughts on BTC Micro futures on CME rolling out May 3 (i think) ? Contract size ⅒ notional standard BTC futs & tick size as well.

BTC is a correlated asset by price action, and correlation will only increase as it gets more institutionalized - BUT, in relative terms it’s corr is very very low ↓

Digital Banking

This below is literally my long PYPL / short JPM... (More)

Craig P
Independent Macro/Vol/Crypto/Quant/Fintech Nerd

Market Breadth Tool

New market breadth tool I'm working on. Shows the density of daily returns for all individual stocks in the S&P 500 plus some advance/ decline stats. Added FAANGM returns to the plot as well because of their market weight... 

Sort of a boring day to debut this, but this tool is actually pretty powerful depending on the market. You get some very interesting results. 


I'm building out a whole series of market breadth indicators for my own trading. Is this something you guys are interested in at all?

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

*Exchange Exclusive* Investing in Israel: Ash & Itai Elizur, Discussion w/ Weston

In light of COIN IPO & investing abroad, Ash interviews tech rockstar entrepreneur Itai Elizur, Partner & COO of blockchain marketing firm MarketAcross from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Israel, for those who are unfamiliar, is the world’s Silicon Valley outside of California - a leading tech hub known as the “Startup Nation“ (something like >7,000 startups in Israel). Israel has the most startups listed on Nasdaq outside of N. America and China.   

I share my personal takeaway with Ash, and make direct comparisons between Israel & Japan -  everything that makes Israel a global leader in tech and innovation is exactly what Japan fails at doing, which is exactly why Israel innovates and Japan deflates. 

Watch @Ash Bennington & Itai discuss investing in Israel, and watch me rip Japan apart. Exclusively for the Exchange!

Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

Any doctor here already using Nuance?

I read MSFT is buying Nuance for 16 Billion, a conversational AI company focussed on Healthcare. 

Just wondering if anyone has already worked with it in practice. 

I have never heard about Nuance but they seem quite big already

@Muhammed Banday ?