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The Aftermath
The Aftermath

The dust isn’t settled, but we have a President-elect. As the country comes down from election campaign fever, the question is… now what?

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Here is the place to discuss before, during, and after The Aftermath event. Tag your post with "The Aftermath" and it will show up on this topic page so you can engage with the rest of The Exchange about the discussion. 

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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

Eurasia Group Top Risks 2021 report just published. #7:🇹🇷

Eurasia Group Top Risks 2021 Report link

This is always an interesting annual publication, regardless of right/wrong (& usually are as right as one can get in most unpredictably impossible field of geopolitical risk analysis + market analysis), the entire buyside globally looks at this, so we prob should too. Note that last year 2020 report was very unconventionally interesting- was the first time they had US politics/elections as their #1 risk, AND 2 months following the Jan release they did a March coronavirus update (risk list remained the same, just noted increased/decreased risk as COVID = the great expediter). Eurasia CEO was on RV last year pre COVID to discuss, fascinating guy (link at bottom, and no its not Ian Bremmer though he was also on RV months prior, link also at bottom).

The list this year seems in line with the broader consensus focus- Biden, Merkel, COVID, China, Climate, Crude/Mid East, Cyber, Data. For those not paying attention, one seemingly “random” one stuck in there: Turkey.

Eurasia Group Top Risks 2021:

  1. 46*
  2. Long Covid
  3. Climate: net zero meets G-Zero
  4. US-China tensions broaden
  5. Global data reckoning
  6. Cyber tipping point
  7. (Out in the) cold Turkey 👈 🇹🇷
  8. Middle East: low oil takes a toll
  9. Europe after Merkel
  10. Latin America disappoints * Red herrings

Turkey was also in there last year at #10, and Turkey ultimately became the direct driving force of gold prices to rip through $2k and higher to historic levels, as I’ve been flagging/posting about since the Exchange... (More)

Weston NakamuraVisionary
Real Vision Exchange Manager, Programming and Community Engagement

The Discourse: Debut Video with Sam Colt

The Discourse is a weekly program with Weston from the Exchange, taking the Hive Mind to the markets, and far more importantly- taking markets into the depths of the Hive Mind. 

The key feature of The Discourse is for Weston to speak directly with individuals from The Exchange community, to explore and tap into the vast wealth of individual knowledge, expertise, skills and talents - both financial AND non-financially related - in order to proactively extract and distribute expertise, knowledge and value. 

The special debut episode features ExChangemaker @Sam Colt  the “Newmont Gold Mining” of value extraction. Sam gives his pro tips and step-by-step best practices on how to make an effective post, get answers to questions, and maximize the Exchange experience. A must watch for anyone who wants to be effective in tapping into the collective wisdom of the financial world‘s most ambitious and intellectually curious minds.