Alright, guys!

We have been doing this whole series on the exponential age but we need to build a paradigm to invest and monitor it. See my original post on democratizing finance and building paradigm for the spreadsheet that I made with all the resources on global macro and crypto:

Basically, I want to add a new section with resources on tech, exponential trends, venture investing, and basically anything on the edge of innovation. This can be venture funds, articles, specific people you follow, Twitter accounts/threads, books, companies you are looking at, quotes and basically anything!

We need to build something out so that we have a process for identifying exceptional exponential trends. Since all of us are from a variety of backgrounds, each person can provide unique resources that will be able to view the world from a specific lens. It would be awesome if everyone contributed to this!!!! If you are a human being on planet earth then you have something to contribute.

I will aggregate all the resources and add them to the spreadsheet. Again, see the link to my previous post for the link to the spreadsheet. I will do another post with an aggregation of all the resources and the spreadsheet.

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