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The Aftermath
The Aftermath

The dust isn’t settled, but we have a President-elect. As the country comes down from election campaign fever, the question is… now what?

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Weston NakamuraVisionary
Japan & US Global Macro Markets

The Discourse: Debut Video with Sam Colt

The Discourse is a weekly program with Weston from the Exchange, taking the Hive Mind to the markets, and far more importantly- taking markets into the depths of the Hive Mind. 

The key feature of The Discourse is for Weston to speak directly with individuals from The Exchange community, to explore and tap into the vast wealth of individual knowledge, expertise, skills and talents - both financial AND non-financially related - in order to proactively extract and distribute expertise, knowledge and value. 

The special debut episode features ExChangemaker @Sam Colt  the “Newmont Gold Mining” of value extraction. Sam gives his pro tips and step-by-step best practices on how to make an effective post, get answers to questions, and maximize the Exchange experience. A must watch for anyone who wants to be effective in tapping into the collective wisdom of the financial world‘s most ambitious and intellectually curious minds.
John Fadool
OSU Grad & Freelance Geopolitical Analyst

The Aftermath: On Africa

Evening All,

I've been digging through the IMF archives and found a brief and analysis of Sub-Sharan Africa released on October 22nd. I'll be linking the video and brief below. Additionally, I will be leaving my brief notes of the countries mentioned in particular during the press briefing.

Link to IMF Brief and Video:

The IMF on Africa:

  • Zambia:
    • Even before the pandemic, Zambia's debt was unsustainable; thus, the market was already pricing in a default. We hope that other African nations learn from this and start negotiations with private creditors to refinance.
  • Mozambique:
    • The ongoing expansion of terrorist attacks from Mozambique to Tanzania and DRC has raised our concerns about stability in South Africa and has a downward pressure on much needed FDI.
    • The IMF is open to expanding and refinancing the nations existing rotating credit facility to meet the nation's healthcare and recovery needs.
  • Cameroon:
    • Conditions in Cameroon remains volatile, and we are investigating the rumors of corruption and misappropriation of COVID-19 aid dispersed to the nation. The IMF is seeking transparency from the nation's Finance Ministry to ensure proper use of funds given on a need basis, not to satisfy political intrigues.
  • Cote Voir:
    • The region more largely has been spared from high infection rates, and we've adjusted those estimates to the lack of testing on the ground. Additionally, these nations tend to be more economically diversified, leading to better economic results during this crisis. However, expectations for growth are still flat or negative within the... (More)

The Charles Gave Show...?

Will Real Vision please give Charles Gave his own show. I would pay extra to have one hour per week of this man pontificating on any subject that promises to illicit more hilarious anti-EU rants and off the wall, old sayings. This man is like Louis Roukeyser meets John Cleese.


Does anyone else agree?

Europeans only!

Catchy title, right? Lol

Manuel here, from Spain. Just sharing my thoughts as a recent paid member on RV and part of the younger generation

So, guys I want to say thanks to @Raoul Pal and all the team for this event. Is has been really educative.

I also appreciate that this was not only US-centric, so we got some useful information about Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. (Honestly, I was not expecting information about Africa, which was so interesting as well).

Thanks to @Edward Harrison on his perspective and knowledge of Europe and the conversation he had with Charles Gave and Cedric Gemehl.

Last but not least, thank as well to @Jeremiah S @Weston Nakamura and @John Fadool for your thoughts on markets, capitalism, higher education and politics. (Thank God I don´t have to pay the crazy tuitions and fees you have in the US for education lol)

Europeans (and non europeans as well), what are your thoughts after watching The Aftermath?

1. What countries are you from?

2. How are the markets behaving vs how do you see the daily life in your countries?

3. In what do you suggest to invest in this uncertain times here in Europe and in the rest of the world?

Here my answers:

  1. I'm from Spain. Originally from Málaga but I grew up between Mexico City, LA and London and I have worked in Belfast, UK and in Madrid. Now I am located in a small town in the Seville Province called... (More)