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The Breakdown
  • Nick Correa and Jack Farley break down an RV video from this week
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INTEREST RATE MADNESS - Breaking down why defensive stocks are getting toasted (feat. charts on TLT/SPY, Utilities as a ... rising real rates, and much much more)

The Breakdown is BACK! @Nick Correa and I decided we couldn't let Ash and Weston have all the fun 😀  so we took a chart-heavy deep-dive into my interview with Teddy Vallee.

We explore WHY rising interest rates are clobbering not just growthy tech stocks, but other sectors as well - sectors you wouldn't typically think of. 

Lastly we attempt to redefine the mind-boggling question - what IS reflation? Is it inflation that the bond vigilantes fear - or is it that GROWTH is attracting their capital elsewhere?


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Explaining Russell Napier's views on Inflation (pricing power, "moats," + my attempt to create my very own cola...)

Hi all,

@Nick Correa and I are at it again! In this latest episode we break down Russell Napier's views how the pricing power of companies will change in an inflationary environment. Will "moats" be worth what they used to be? Watch to find out!

Tracking the GameStop Money Flow - Gamma Squeeze Explained

In this episode of "The Breakdown," @Nick Correa and I are joined by special guest and derivatives expert @Weston Nakamura (you may know him simply as "king bee of the hive mind").

What do we talk about? Duh. GameStop. Weston breaks down the market mechanics of the "Gamma squeeze" and how the creation of new ever-higher strike prices is integral to the stohnk going nuclear.

We filmed this Wednesday afternoon, "just after market close" (as @Ash Bennington is accustomed to saying 😀)
I really enjoyed this, and hope you do too!
P.S. you can find all the episodes of me and Nick ("The Breakdown") by checking it out in the "Videos" tab on the Exchange


Breaking down what Quantitative Easing means and its true economic impact

Hop in the QE Submarine with me and "Slick Nick" @Nick Correa as we break down @Ash Bennington's interview with Jeff Cox...

We cover what quantitative easing (QE) is, why the Fed continues to do it,  and what that means for the economy and you.