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Trading Psychology
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Tuesday 1/19/2021

  • Soybeans on the move! 
  • Yin and Yang/ Order & Chaos
  • Pre Market Self Checkin
  • 🐳

Relentless De-risking

How to practice a good Ruthless Risk Management using options.

IFF trade frame example:


Tuesday 1/5/2021

  • Punched in the face!
  • Humor
  • Resiliency/Anti Fragility
  • Body/Mind Scan

Great Podcast

I found this podcast to be perfect today especially having one of my worst career days as a trader.  The irony of the part on resiliency and anti Fragility as well as the section on humor really was spot on for my situation. This isn’t anything about economics, but EVERYTHING RELATES TO TRADING if you think a bit deeper.  I will cover a bit more on this in tomorrow’s video but figured I’d link this because well, SEALS are SEALS after all. �