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Macro Crypto Report

I wrote a crypto report giving a broad overview of what is currently taking place in the crypto and DeFi space.  

I usually write macro reports but this is the first one I have written in the crypto/DeFi space. These are just the main things I am currently seeing. I am sure there are errors in some of the things I am seeing because I am so new to the space but we adapt as we go.  

Several things as a backdrop: 1) I started doing much more extensive research in crypto/defi about a month ago. 2) All of the resources I used are free and in the spreadsheet on my previous posts. 3) I have created a DeFi portfolio allocation strategy based on a lot of my research thus far and might share it in the near future.  

Some of the logic and correlations I use are a little looser just because I didn't have the time to break them down a lot more. But I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts that you guys have. Again, I am more focused on being right than being idealistic so I am happy to change my views at any time.  

Download here: `

*not investment advice

*I am long a basket of assets in the crypto/DeFi space

In this tutorial, I take you through the UNI token from UniSwap. I provide a brief overview of the UNI token and include how you can claim your tokens, buy, and provide liquidity.
Crypto Tips n Tricks. - Decentralized Exchange
Fred KruegerExchange Expert
Chairman MetalPay / Proton Blockchain. Ex-arbitrage trader (Salomon Brothers, GCM).

Everybody is talking DEFI now. Diving Into DEFI versus CEFI (Centralized Finance) with Adrian Scott from Soma Capital. We talk why UniSwap took off where Bancor was flat. How this plays into the project economy for tokens.