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Is there any scenario where it’s possible to have yields up, USD up (either dxy index up or the SL fed trade weighted ... does one have to be the release valve?

Edit:   I realize how poorly worded this question was.   My apologies.   

Can there be a market regime where treasury yields are elevated, the USD, either measured in DXY index or SL feds traded weighted dillar index, is elevated and at the same time spx/equities keep climbing.   Has such a sustained regime happened before?

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Consensus seems to be pretty short the USD, which could be unwound pretty quickly in what could become a mini-riskoff event.

I would use this this scenario to load the boat on Miners of rare earths to precious metals. 

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  • Correlations always change.
  • Watch rates - EU has not followed US.
  • I need to make shorter videos. <- real interest rates equation and description of Rate of Change impact on left and right side.