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Insiders Selling

Nah bro, there's no way we can be at a market top. The people running all of the companies can't be smarter than us. 

I am not strictly a value investor or fundamentals guy but I will say this: valuation doesn't matter until all at once it does. Fundamentals don't matter until all at once they do. 

There is a reason I am doing more shorter-term trading like the short squeeze @Weston Nakamura posted. Because a day is coming in the future where people will realize stock prices can move in more than one direction. Leveraging up long at this point is how you can easily take your account to 0. Fortunes are made and lost in these types of situations. 


*This is not financial advice given that I am not the brightest guy on the block. 

Sam ColtExChangemaker
"So called Business Engineer"

SaaS business Valuation "Primer"

A presentation (21 sildes) that is divided into two parts. The first explains the basics about; 

► Monthly recurring revenue (“MRR”)

► Customer acquisition costs (“CAC”)

► Customer retention and churn rates

► Lifetime value of customers (“LTV”)

The second part is about issues that typically affect the above metrics, 

► Importance of gross margins

► Cancelled invoices

► Customers not using the software (or never going live)

► Deferred revenue “haircut”


U.S. Mortgage Refinance Index

U.S. Mortgage Refinance Index has remained elevated since February. This is part of the reason for real estate valuations actually increasing and remaining elevated. People are simply lowering their payments by refinancing. This doesn't scream fundamental solid growth. It says low-interest rates have fueled malinvestment and overvaluation. When the reflexive feedback loop begins to head down, there will be a lot of downside. This has implications for homebuilders, banks, and real estate.