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A quick breakdown of some of the top books I have read since starting to learn about financial markets. Learning is not about making money in markets, learning is about being better at life. A year and a half ago I didn't even know what the stock market or S&P500 was. I started consuming every single book that I could and have learned a lot since then. Granted, I feel like an idiot still but progress is being made. Let's step up our game on the Exchange and consume knowledge at an unparalleled rate! What are the major books you have read? 

@John Fadool here ya go bro lol. 


@Milton The Curator Nothing but respect for the RV team!


Marc Cymontkowski
VP Engineering @ Haivision

Decentralized Video Transcoding and Storage

livepeer ( is one of the projects I really love, as it touches my video job as well as my crypto passion :-)

Check out this cool new utility website they created together with Filecoin:

It's free to upload, transcode and share a video on decentralized infrastructure. For now the service is free and transaction fees are covered by livepeer.