My slides are all over the place as I try to adjust my models to include some new inputs, so I will post a tradingview chart (I am not a chartist!) and some volume data.

Did anyone take my sell $1900 trade?

Futures roll date is coming on Friday so the volume will be a little janky. We have seen a selloff on Monday and again earlier today. The important thing to notice is the retracements have come on less volume. Would not go so far to say the price is "levitating" but I am close :)

Again I a not a chartist but this looks a little like a bear flag to me. You will know that I am very Gold bullish longterm but I will not sit and eat a 10-20% drawdown when I can act upon the information to hand.

To that end I have reduced my physical position by 50% I am eating the capital gains, and I am shorting using options.

If you have seen any of my recent replies to other posts I have spoken about a positive surprise. For gold, this will manifest as real interest rates moving higher i.e. going less negative. Real rates are currently around -0.80bps in US 10yr terms I think these will head back to zero.

The Exchange has really taken a forward step it looks jolly interesting. I wish everyone involved the best of luck.

Have fun today will be an interesting one.